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Manual Deposit Tickets

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Computer Deposit Slips for QuickBooks

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Endorsement Stamp
Manual Deposit Tickets
Every Business Needs Checks and Deposit Slips
There are a lot of different parts to effectively running any kind of business. One important part of managing your business successfully is keeping track of your financial records. This is done through receipts, checks, and deposit slips. There are computer and manual deposit slips that can be used for just about any business purpose. Why are checks and deposit slips important? How do you choose the right ones for your business? What are the advantages of using computer or manual deposit slips and checks, and how do you use them? Find out now.

The Importance of Checks and Deposit Slips

Computer and manual deposit slips and checks are important to businesses for the sake of record keeping. When you own your own business, it’s vital that you keep track of everything that goes on with your expenses. Finances in particular can be a sticky situation. If you don’t keep an accurate record of the items you purchase and the checks you write, you could find yourself in deep water when taxes are due.

Every time you write a check, you should have a copy of that check for your records. This is easily done if you use manual checks that have carbon copies attached to them. Although you write the check and give it to the recipient, you still have a record of to whom it was written and for how much. When you write your check on the computer, you should have a digital record saved on a file in the software suite. The same is true for deposit slips.

Choosing the Right Ones for Your Business
You have a few different options when choosing checks and deposit slips for your business. Your two main options are manual and computer.

With manual deposit slips and checks, you write everything out by hand. These are usually stored in a binder and come with security features and either carbon copies or stubs for record keeping.

With manual deposit slips, you will need to write out all of the information by hand at the time of the deposit rather than relying on a printed slip.

Computer checks and deposit slips work in a slightly different way. You can usually print computer checks from a software program. You need special paper designed for check printing. Due to the fact that you are printing the checks from a computer, you should be able to keep a digital record of the checks that you have written without having to store it on paper in a binder. For deposit slips, your software program or bank should be able to print one for you to keep in your records.

Benefits to Going Manual
Although many aspects of keeping track of business finances have gone digital, manual deposit slips and checks are still popular among small and mid-size businesses. With these manual slips and checks, you have a hard copy of everything you have written or deposited stored safely in one convenient location. When you keep this information organized in a binder, it makes tax preparation a little easier.

Benefits to Using the Computer
Computer checks and slips also have their share of benefits. Since they are generally handled through a software program, you don’t have to worry as much about finding a place to store the copies in your office. You can also print checks or deposit slip copies at your leisure so long as you have the proper printing materials.

How to Use Business Checks and Deposit Slips
Using business checks and deposit slips is pretty simple. Any time you have a business expense that is to be paid for by check, you use your business checks to make the payment. Any time that you have a business-related deposit for your bank, you make the deposit and get a slip for your records. It’s convenient to keep all of these records in one place. This makes it easier to find them when you need them, such as for tax preparation or audits.

Every Business Needs Them
The fact of the matter is that every business has some sort of need for computer or manual deposit slips and checks. Which one you choose to go with depends on your personal preferences and the size of your business. Small businesses that write checks maybe once per day can likely get away with manual options. Larger businesses that write multiple checks per day may choose to go with computer checks. Consider the benefits of each to make your decision.

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Computer Deposit Slips for QuickBooks
Using Computer Deposit Slips
With the advances in technology in the finance world, it may come as no surprise that much of the younger generation may not fully understand what a deposit slip is or how to fill one out. Manual slips, while still in use by many small businesses, are being worked with less and less. The use of computer deposit slips seems to be on the rise. These are especially popular with large businesses that need to make deposits frequently.

What They Are
Computer deposit slips are much the same as manual deposit slips. The biggest difference is that computer deposit slips are usually generated using a financial software program such as QuickBooks Deposit Slips rather than being written by hand. When a business uses a this type of program to help keep track of profits and deposits, it becomes simple to have the computer print deposit slips. The great thing about using a computer software program is that you are usually able to keep a digital record of every deposit made. This simplifies financial record keeping, which is extremely beneficial for taxes and audits.

Types of Deposit Slips
There are two main options when it comes to deposit slips designed to work with the computer. In addition to the fully computer generated slips, you also have manual and blank deposit tickets with which you may want to work.

Computer deposit slips are easily managed through a financial software program such as QuickBooks. You fill out the deposit slips in the program and print them off as needed. You can purchase deposit tickets that are pre-printed with all of the necessary company information such as the name and address, as well as the financial information necessary for making deposits. The information is also printed on the deposit summary stub.

These deposit slips are made with standard Image Character Recognition (ICR) which assures you of security and accuracy when scanned and processed by your financial institution. A digital record is generally kept in the program of all of your deposits for you to access whenever it’s necessary. Using this type of deposit ticket can same time and effort when multiple checks need to be deposited at the same time.

Manual deposit slips are filled out by hand. They are often used by businesses that don’t need to deposit more than one or two checks at a time or that have infrequent deposits. You can order these pre-printed with all the appropriate information and simply write down the individual deposits as needed. The printed information helps ensure that the bank gets the deposit into the correct account. In addition, preprinted forms aid in record keeping and accuracy.

Although there is not a digital record automatically being kept of these, there is an option for a carbon copy so you can create a stub of each transaction for easy record-keeping purposes. These slips can be purchased as singles without a copy, or as duplicates with a single copy or as triplicates so that two copies are generated for each deposit slip.

Although both manual and computer deposit slips are useful, there are many benefits to using the computer option.
  • Print the slips on an as-needed basis
  • Keep digital records of all slips
  • Records are in one convenient location
  • Re-print records if any are lost
  • They can be used with a variety of software programs including QuickBooks.
  • Easily write and print multiple slips

Since computer deposit slips are so quick and easy to use, it’s no wonder that large and small businesses turn to them for their financial needs.

Easy to Order

The online ordering process is quite simple. Simply fill in all the appropriate information on the template provided. There is a section for your bank name and address as well as the account number and routing number. You can use up to five lines to fill out your company information and the first two lines may be bolded. A sample deposit ticket is shown so that you can get a good idea of what the pre-printed forms will look like when they are sent to you. You can order in quantities of 250, 400, 500, 800, or even 1000 deposit slips so that your needs can be easily met.

When you order your deposit slips from you can get free shipping with 3-5 day delivery by UPS. You can also pay the extra shipping if you need a two-day turnaround or overnight shipping.

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Endorsement Stamp
The Right Banking Accessories Can Optimize Your Business
The business world can often be a hectic place. This is especially true when it comes to accounting departments, which may be tasked with numerous responsibilities throughout a work day. These responsibilities can include preparing billing correspondence, as well as filling out deposit slips and verifying important banking documents.

That''s why it''s important for all companies to have the right accessories in place to optimize processes related to billing and rendering payments. Things like business envelops, deposit tickets and even an endorsement stamp can greatly expedite the billing and payment process, which is vital to ensuring items are returned in a timely manner.

The following are just a few products that can greatly improve accounting departments for every type of company. Whether you are at the helm a large corporation or a smaller family-run business, these accessories are essential to ably undertaking a variety of accounting procedures.

Business Envelopes
A professional appearance can do wonders for a business, particularly those smaller firms struggling to make a name for themselves. While flashy advertising campaigns may be financially out of reach, something as simple as the way a company prepares billing correspondence can actually make a huge difference. Business envelopes can be a good choice in this case because they offer a professional look, while also creating a more convenient method of issuing payments and general mail.

Business envelopes are available in a number of configurations to suit a variety of needs. For large amounts of business correspondence, self-sealing envelopes are a natural choice to prevent the need of additional adhesive when preparing envelopes. Window envelopes can also be advantageous to hectic accounting departments, as they reduce the need for printing both return and address labels. These simple touches can often have a huge impact on the fluidity of daily operations, as well as the professional demeanor of a business.

Deposit Tickets
Keeping finances organized requires clear and concise methods. Deposit tickets are great in this respect because they provide firm documentation of financial deposits, which can be helpful for record-keeping purposes. Such documentation can also assist a company in identifying how they are spending money, and whether these expenditures are absolutely necessary. Typically, there are two different types of deposit slips available to customers:

  • Computer Deposit Slips –  Using computer deposit slips allows automatic printing via compatible computer programs to seamlessly create personalized tickets. These can be a good method for high-tech offices.
  • Manual Deposit Slips –  For companies lacking the associated technology, manual deposit slips are a great option. These slips can be filled out by hand, then filed away in order to maintain an accurate record of deposits.

Rubber Stamps
For those looking to save time when it comes to important business functions, personalized rubber stamps can be a reliable addition to office accessories. These stamps can be used for a multitude of functions, from listing contact information on correspondence to utilizing an endorsement stamp to expedite banking. Such accessories can be useful to fast-paced work places, or those businesses with high-volume accounting departments.

  • Name and Address Stamp –   While printed address labels can afford convenience to creating correspondence, things like stocking and formatting can prove problematic. A better alternative is a personalized name and address stamp, which can be used for a number of functions. These stamps are long-lasting, while also being less expensive than the continued cost of re-stocking address labels.
  • Endorsement Stamp –  An endorsement stamp is printed with the same information found on deposit slips. This stamp can then be used to endorse checks quickly and conveniently when doing business at the bank. Not only is this a reliable option for businesses, an endorsement stamp can also be ideal for home office use.
  • Signature Stamp –  Management personnel often have little time throughout the day, which is why a signature stamp can be an ideal option for high-level executives. These stamps can greatly reduce the time spent signing multitudes of important documents, while also preventing pain and discomfort that can be associated with continuous signing.

The Accessories Your Business Needs
The best businesses know that a large portion of continued success depends on the details. The right accessories can allow your accounting staff to concentrate on the bigger picture, while also saving time spent on tedious tasks. While possessing an endorsement stamp or business envelopes may seem like a relatively small part of daily operations, these items can actually have quite an impact a company''s ability perform efficiently.

We Pride ourselves by bringing you the Highest quality in preprinted QuickBooks Checks 3 On Page at the most reasonable price.

Our pre-printed Laser inkjet Checks • QuickBooks Checks 3 On Page comes with selection of multiple colors and textures.

sheet sizes are 8.5 inches by 11 inches -Check size are 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches and are guaranteed compatibility with your laser or inkjet printer