Frequently Asked Questions - Faq
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Should my bank make changes, will my checks from be updated?
What is an MICR Specification Sheet and what is it used for?
Is it possible to add additional information to my checks such as my driver's license, phone number, or other useful information?
How can I view the status of an order?
Is it possible to contact about check printing directly?
I am experiencing errors on the website. Is there some way I can still place an order?
I experienced an error while ordering checks on What should I do?
What type of credit card can I use to place my order at
Will I receive a confirmation e-mail or notification after I place my order?
Will my check ever be rejected because it was not printed by my bank?
Will my bank ever refuse to cash my checks if they are printed by
I placed an order online at Can I cancel that order?
What if my address was misprinted on the box - what happens then?